February 21, 2010

Static Libraries in iPhone Projects (Part 3)

This is an addendum to my earlier 2-part article on how to create and share static libraries for iPhone projects. Part 1 discusses how to setup Xcode to create a static library target. Part 2 discusses how to share a reference to that library from within another project.

This addendum to address a missing step from part 1. According to Apple documentation, static libraries do not need to be code signed. This is only important if you are an "official" Apple iPhone developer ($99/year).

To remove code signing, select the library target under Groups & Files > Targets. Double click the target to bring up the info dialog window. Select the Build pane.

Scroll down to the Code Signing group. It should look something like this:

See the highlighted line and how it says "iPhone Developer"? Click on that value and you will get a little menu. Select "Don't Code Sign".

That's it!

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